by Konstantin Chaykin

Computus Easter
Computus Easter
Computus Easter

Computus Easter

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The unique “Computus Easter Clock” is designed to look like the St. Isaac Cathedral, one of the most beautiful symbols of St. Petersburg, Konstantin Chaykin’s home town.

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This clock identifies the moving date of Eastern Orthodox Easter, a date that is calculated based on numerous rules and limitations. To fully appreciate the complexity of this movement, one needs to try and calculate the date of Easter oneself: with all the will in the world, it is hard to succeed the first time.

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The factors include: lunar cycles, solar cycles, the indict, the epact, the solar correction and more. Konstantin Chaykin learned how to use all of these factors created his own method for doing the computations and ‘taught’ his clock how to compute the dates for Eastern Orthodox Easter.

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