by Konstantin Chaykin

Moscow Computus
Moscow Computus
Moscow Computus

Moscow Computus

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The Moscow Computus Clock of the «Konstantin Chaykin» Manufacture is recognized as the most complicated clock ever built in Russia.

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The overcomplicated clock movement is assembled from more than 2500 parts and it activates indicators on 4 dails. The «Moscow Computus Clock» is equipped with an incredible complication – Orthodox Easter date indication module. In total, the clock has 26 complications and functions. That was the first time when Konstantin Chaykin used analemma module, which shows the movement of the Sun across the sky during the year. The «Moscow Computus Clock» may even be regarded as a real masterpiece of high watchmaking. It took several years to create conception, develop and assemble the clock movement with the case, decorated with semiprecious and decorative stones.

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“The complexity of Moscow Computus Clock is obvious: visually you will easily find indication of time in hours and minutes, Orthodox Easter date, perpetual calendar with 4-digits year indicator and power reserve indicator, orbital moon-phase indicator combined with worldtime function, unique analemma dial combined with indication of sunrise and sunset time in Moscow, and duration of day and night, dial with star-map in Moscow, sidereal time, equation of time, seasons and tourbillon used as small seconds hand. The movement runs for 10 days, it is equipped with special visual indication for last two days of power reserve. There is one more – hidden – treasure, the clock incorporates acoustical reminder of critically low level of power reserve. Special gong rings once every two minutes when there is just one day of power reserve left.”

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