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Часовая мастерская Константина Чайкина

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    the White

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  • Harley Quinn

    The first female character Wristmons collection. And one of the nominees for the GPHG 2022 Awards.

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  • Joker five

    Released to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the famous Joker watch. The new Wristmon embody the hero of Gotham City! Exclusive collaboration Konstantin Chaykin X Warner Bros.

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  • Smilodon

    Special Lunar

    New Year 2022

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  • Incredible inventions

    Konstantin Chaykin

    Konstantin Chaykin is one of the most active inventors in the industry,

    recipient of the WIPO Medal for Inventors Gold Medal

  • Going to Mars? Don't forget the Mars Conqueror watch

    Konstantin Chaykin invents a mechanical watch,

    designed for use in space travel and on Mars

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  • Watchmaking
    will never
    be boring

    Konstantin Chaykin is a daring watchmaker, a master of ristmons, never boring, incredibly emotionally charged, noticeable, memorable and truly daring watches ...

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  • Master of super complicated watch mechanics

    Konstantin Chaykin invents and creates masterpieces of stunning complexity. His watch "Moscow Easter" is the most complex of all that has ever been produced in Russia ...

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  • Carpe Diem!

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  • The magic of watchmaking

    When it comes to fine watchmaking watches, then you can't do without meticulous work ...

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Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory

Founded in 2003 by Konstantin Chaykin, Russian inventor and watchmaker. The luxury watchmaking brand producing timepieces made exclusively in Russia. Konstantin Chaykin and his manufacture are renowned to watch connoisseurs around the world for their watchmaking art. Konstantin Chaykin’s brand is recognised by the global professional watchmaking community as one of the most creative and original in the world.
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