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Russian watch manufacture Konstantin Chaykin celebrates its 20th anniversary

It was in this collection of 2023 that Chaykin created the most complicated wristwatch of his career, the Stargazer, featuring 17 complications and a movement consisting of 664 parts.

Independent Watchmaker Waxes Philosophical About Complicated Watches

When I was thinking about what kind of piece to create for Only Watch 2023, I decided that I'd try my hand at making a super-complicated watch.

20 years ago. The first movement by Konstantin Chaykin

This year, the “Konstantin Chaykin” manufacture celebrates its 20th anniversary. Konstantin considers October 23, 2003 as the date of its inception – the day he started working on the first movement of his own design. It was a table clock with a tourbillon, the first tourbillon made in Russia in 175 years. “By this point...

2012, a mysterious battle of a mystery watch

This is a story of the world’s first centerpiece “mystery” tourbillon and why this idea didn’t work out. The principle of creating “mystery” watch, invented by the French magician and watchmaker Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, has been known since the XIX century. Until recently, it’s only implementation was a transparent dial with one or two time-indicating hands.

The Great 7: the most famous inventions of Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin.

Konstantin Chaykin is a world-famous Russian watchmaker and inventor. He has more than 90 patents for various watch movements and complications. This is the highest number of patents per watchmaker in the world. We are talking about the most significant of them, those which had a major impact on the development of the Konstantin Chaykin...

Konstantin Chaykin’s wristmons: 5 years of colorful emotions

This year Konstantin Chaykin celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Wristmons collection and particularly of the Joker watch he invented. He came up with the idea of this timepiece, a kinetic art object with an anthropomorphic face-like dial, in late 2016. In the spring of 2017, the watch was presented at the BaselWorld exhibition in...
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