Konstantin Chaykin

Konstantin Chaykin is a Russian inventor, master of high watchmaking art. He conquered the Swiss by becoming the only Russian watchmaker admitted to the prestigious Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (ACHI), and the Russians by the fact that he created a successful watch manufactory on the ruins of the Soviet watch industry.

In contrast to large brands and multinational companies, an independent master is endowed with creative freedom, desire and ability to embody the most ambitious and extraordinary ideas in the watches.

While the Swiss produce standard perpetual calendars, the Russian inventor creates watches with the Muslim and Jewish calendar, as well as the movements that determine the date of the Orthodox Easter. Instead of rotating on a flat moon disk, Chaykin’s moon is represented as a fixed volumetric pearl, while allowing the owner to determine all its phases! On the dials of watches created at the Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory, not only the hands move: in the hourglass, grains of sand are interspersed, and in the film projector a horse is galloping.


«For several centuries, timekeeping devices have been with people wherever they went. They have witnessed great achievements and terrible tragedies. With their silent assistance, scientific discoveries have been made, hitherto unexplored corners of our planet studied and outer space explored. They reflect all of humanity’s latest achievements. Over time, watches and clocks have become so important to mankind that watchmakers no longer confine themselves to the creation of simple and ordinary models. Increasingly complex designs now leave the hands of passionate watchmakers, with the surfaces of the miniature parts of their movements decorated and their cases embodying the creative ideas that inspired them. High watchmaking has not only changed the face of timepieces, but also their purpose by enabling them to speak in a language of artistic images.»

Yours sincerely, Konstantin Chaykin