Konstantin Chaykin offers us a glimpse at the clock from a different, non-standard point of view, as he decided to reinvent the clock as a kinematic pop art object.

He is the one who dared to release Jack-in-the-box, to create a new spirit of high mechanics, ever-changing, spectacular and provocative.

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The Joker is equipped with disk indicators in hours and minutes, as well as the moon phase indicator.

“Five of a Kind”, the biggest poker hand, is depicted on the rim of the watch case.

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You will not see standard minute hands and second hands on the dial, and the eyes and smile of the Joker make this watch extraordinarily emotional and unpredictable.

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Specially for Joker watches, Konstantin Chaykin has designed a module with a two-disk current time display (hours and minutes, Joker eyes) and a moon phase indicator (the Joker’s star smile).

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The model made of high-quality stainless steel is produced in a limited edition of 99 pieces.

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