Mars Conqueror
Mark 3

by Konstantin Chaykin

Mars Conqueror Mark 3
Mars Conqueror Mark 3
Mars Conqueror Mark 3

Mars Conqueror Mark 3

The expansion of mankind into the universe is inevitable. The expectation that Earth will always be a safe home is a mistake. But nature has given us a decent chance for the first attempt to populate space – planet Mars. This currently rates as the best option for a space base for colonisation. This idea once seemed like a fantasy, but literally in an instant it has now become quite feasible.

The conquest of Mars will not be easy, but it will involve an incredibly exciting process of creation and technological improvement in order to ensure the settlement of humanity in space. Konstantin Chaykin is certain that the conquest of Mars necessitates the thinking over of many different aspects in advance, including the development of a specialised mechanical watch that is reliable and capable of functioning autonomously both in space and on Mars. That’s why in 2017 this expert watchmaker and inventor launched his own Mars programme – “Mars Time”.

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The conquest of Mars and its terraforming is a necessary step in the development of mankind, as far as can be seen at the moment. The great English watchmaker John Harrison invented marine chronometers in order to help the admiralty avoid a recurrence of the Isles of Scilly disaster. Konstantin Chaykin has invented “Mars conquerors” which can be useful for future settlers of Mars.

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Creating watches for settlers of Mars Konstantin Chaykin develops and actually invents a new direction in cosmic complications for traditional watch mechanics, a direction which no other watchmaker has paid enough attention to before.

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The “Mars Time” project has really captivated Konstantin Chaykin, as witnessed by the flurry of creative sparks he has generated while working on it. Some of these inventions are already implemented in the conceptual prototype “Mars Conqueror Mk1”, developed in 2018–2019. This prototype is embedded with nine additional complications and mechanisms. That places this timepiece in the category of supercomplicated mechanical watches.

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While development of “Mars Time” project Konstantin Chaykin had invented a unique complication with synchronised Earth and Mars times, a Mars date display using the Mars calendar, with the possibility of it being used as a way of showing the duration of the mission in sols (Mars-days), a orrery function showing the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Mars, and a planetary opposition and superior opposition complication.