Russian time
Russian time
Russian time

Russian time

«From the southern seas to the polar region …» For sophisticated travelers and business people, this is not just a beautiful metaphor from the national anthem. This is many and many kilometers of the way, and most importantly – 11 time zones, between which you have to constantly move, if you travel through Russia.

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In 1861, the Russian master Ivan Yurin realized the original design concept: his watch showed the time simultaneously 64 cities of Russia. This he very pleased the Russian autocrats, who were comfortable to keep such an indicator of all-Russian time before their eyes. These outlandish watches, exhibited in Peterhof, store in themselves the seal of the history of the Russian Empire and a reminder of the “golden hands” of Russian masters.

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Konstantin Chaykin was inspired by the idea to unite all the time zones of modern Russia in one clock that would visually and simultaneously inform the owner about time in any of the 11 hour zones of our country. Just like the invention of the master of the XIX century Ivan Yurin, the clock “Time of Russia” with apparent complexity is brilliantly simple to use and non-standard in its approach.

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