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Joker Black Bet, the Master of Jokers says bet on black

Two sides to the colour black.

Bad news, unpleasant news, an event at first glance insignificant which brings large-scale negative consequences, has recently often been called “The Black Swan”, thanks to the popularisation of the phrase since its introduction by the Lebanese-American writer Nassim Nicholas Taleb during the 2008-9 financial crisis. The covid pandemic entered our world as a black swan. “And yet, is it worth seeing the colour black as something negative?”, asks Konstantin Chaykin. “Yes, in the mass consciousness black is associated with darkness, evil, witchcraft… But it is also seen as a respectable, sophisticated, elegant colour. Black humour. Black metal. “Men in Black”. And I’m also aware that Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ is a world-famous symbol of avant-garde art. The ‘Joker’ watch and other Wristmons are seen as one of the avant-garde symbols of watchmaking, and I’m sure they will give the colour black a touch of excitement, courage and luck – sure to be useful when the shadow of a ‘black swan’ falls over the whole of civilization.” The answer to that question was the release of a new member of the Joker family. This watch, first presented by Konstantin Chaykin in 2017 at the Basle exhibition, caused a stir and was recognised as one of the most spectacular and outstanding premieres of the time. The first steel Joker instantly sold out, with Konstantin Chaykin afterwards careful to avoid exploiting the opportunities presented by the popularity of that model and only releasing new versions as often as he thought necessary. Exceptions occurred only if the master couldn’t resist overwhelming new ideas. It’s impossible to predict where this inspiration might come from. This is how two of his Jokers came to be – a zirconium unique piece and the Joker Selfie – for the charity auction Only Watch. That’s also how the Joker Titanium was created, as well as the Joker Automaton, the latter thanks to a collaboration with the remarkable Geneva-based watchmaker Svend Andersen. And finally, this is how the new Joker Black Bet was born, which is in itself good news – it’s not every day the Russian master releases a new Joker, a watch which, as you understand perfectly well, is not easy to get hold of, especially directly from the Master of Jokers.
Having a ‘Joker’ in your collection is already a stroke of luck. Why not keep playing to try your luck again? The Joker Black Bet watch is released in a limited edition of 18 pieces, each labelled with a unique number following the sequence 15-4-2-17-6-13-11-8-10-24-33-20-31-22-29-28-35-26. Have you got it yet? Yes, that’s the order of the black numbers on a roulette wheel. And so, on the caseback of the Joker Black Bet there is an engraved relief image of a roulette wheel with numbered black sectors. And that’s not all! The game is not over, not all bets have been placed. The number of each piece in the limited-edition series is marked with a ‘ball’, located in the corresponding sector, meaning each piece in the series can be considered unique. Just like in roulette, a ball on that number means it wins.

Silence! The croupier – Master of Jokers – announces: Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

Konstantin Chaykin
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