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We invite you to a real Italian comedy

The dial-faces of the wristmons look like masks. When Konstantin Chaykin came up with this idea, it seemed funny to him to present his watches from this collection as the characters from the commedia dell'arte. Here they are: Pantalone, Columbina, Pulcinella, and, of course, Harlequin. It was Harlequin, cheerful, lively and always getting into trouble, who inspired Konstantin Chaykin to create a new wristmon — the Harlequin Ventuno. This wristmon wears a black mask with constantly wandering eyes, a trademark "moon" smile and an exclusive leather strap, which is decorated in a style of Harlequin's famous costume with colored rhombus patches on it.

Enjoying life with the Harlequin Ventuno

Why Ventuno? Because we are now in the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century. In Italian, ‘twenty-one’ is ‘ventuno’ – a number closely associated with gambling. Konstantin Chaykin believes he has chosen the perfect moment to release this model, since the Harlequin is characterized by precisely such qualities found in gamblers – passion, zeal and enthusiasm. Indeed, it is easy to get enthusiastic about this watch. The big-eyed face of the Harlequin Ventuno observes the world with joyful enthusiasm and a readiness to completely let loose and go for it, even if it is not encouraged in the present circumstances. The Harlequin Ventuno watch will be released in a limited edition of 18 pieces.
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