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Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar ‘Arrows of Time’ Clock

Is it possible to turn back time?

The answer is "Impossible" - that's what the 'arrow of time' concept means. Is it possible to travel back to the past in your thoughts and dreams? Yes, of course, and everyone can. A while ago, being deep in thoughts about the new and nameless piece, Konstantin Chaykin decided to return to 2005 in his memories. It was the moment when he refused to continue working on the unfinished project of a table clock with a tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and a fuse-chain transmission. Instead, he developed the unexpected idea of a clock with a mechanical Orthodox Easter date indicator, which completely absorbed the master. Then the desire to invent something new, to embrace the unknown turned the watchmaker away from the development of traditional clocks and watches. However, recently, in the autumn of 2021, Konstantin Chaykin returned to the abandoned project to construct it, using the knowledge, experience, and skills he acquired. The 'arrow of time' concept does not allow one to turn back time, but a real master can bring wonders to pass in his imagination, including reversing the flow of time and returning to bygone days.

Side view Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar ‘Arrows of Time’ Clock

Watch features


Konstantin Chaykin redesigned the perpetual calendar module especially for the Arrows of Time table clock, providing it with leap year cycle indication and a.m./p.m. format of time definition. The levers of the correction devices and flat springs are made in a new skeletal style, which had not been practiced before. Also, the winding process was significantly changed: the master used the features of the classical perpetual calendar. When you set the time with a perpetual calendar (the same applies to repeaters and clocks that strike hours), it is forbidden to rotate the hands in a counterclockwise direction to avoid breaking the device.

  • Chaykin behind the assembly movement for the ‘Arrows of Time’ Clock
    Chaykin at work on parts for the movemen for the ‘Arrows of Time’ Clock
    Detail fitting for the  ‘Arrows of Time’ Clock movement

Сase back

For the Arrows of Time clock, Konstantin Chaykin invented a brand-new construction for winding the hands by a vertical shaft, which once again demonstrates how the 'arrow of time' concept works: the ratchet built into this device allows the owner to wind the hands only in a forward direction. When you rotate the special horizontal wheel installed under the dial, the hands do not turn in the opposite direction, since the ratchet is being activated at the same time. Even though the owner might rotate this wheel in the wrong direction from time to time - the clock will not break, and it is a pleasure to listen to the clear sounds of a working ratchet.

Case back of the Shabbat Clock


The Arrows of Time table clock is a 'piece unique'. You can watch the work of the sophisticated and intricate movement through the slots of the partially skeletonized dial, its reverse side being completely open.

Piece Unique

Photo of the movemen ‘Arrows of Time’ Clock


Return to the classics

The brand-new Arrows of Time table clock by Konstantin Chaykin revive the old idea of a classic combination of traditional complicated devices - a perpetual calendar and a tourbillon. The development was based on the basic caliber T.01-0 of the Tourbillon 55 table clock, the prototype of which was developed by Chaykin in 2007 for his second Orthodox Easter piece, or the Ressurection Computus Clock. At that time, Konstantin Chaykin implemented the fundamental principles of all his subsequent tourbillon calibers into the Orthodox Easter clock movement, including the linear arrangement of the main gear wheels' axis, the use of ball bearings, and the original design of the alpha tourbillon cage. Since then, the trademark “alpha” cage has become a crucial feature of all tourbillons created by Konstantin Chaykin, including table tourbillons, and even the unique the Martian Tourbillon Only Watch 2021 Piece Unique.

The idea to give the new clock the name "Arrows of Time" came to Konstantin Chaykin at the very moment when he decided to provide all nine indicators on the dial with hands of one design. Although the traditions of watchmaking do not prohibit this particular choice, watchmakers rarely equip the dial with a complicated set of hands made in an identical style. In Russian, the words “watch hand” and “arrow” are of the same origin, so the master decided to emphasize this fact using his design genius: the “shaft” of each hand is made of blue-steel, the faceted tip is made of steel decorated with fine longitudinal polishing. Of course, the finishing of each hand is performed manually, as well as the finishing of all other elements. . The clock is offered in an Art Deco style case, which is decorated with panels made of the walnut tree.

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