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In October, 2010 the clock manufacture of Konstantin Chaykin completed the project of designing miniature Arabic astronomical clock “Al-Mukaddas”. It took 18 months to accomplish the timepiece. It is a table clock in the oriental mosaic case featuring the tourbillon, the Muslim calendar and the indicator of lunar phases.

AL Mukaddas clock at the round table

Watch features


  • Movement of the AL Mukaddas clock  without housing, rear view
    Movement of the AL Mukaddas clock  without housing side view
    Movement of the AL Mukaddas clock without housing view of front part
    Movement of the AL Mukaddas clock without case frontal photo

Сase back

Collectors all over the world are looking for sensations and find them in timepieces of Piece Unique category. Exceptional timepieces of this category are real jewels of private and museum collections, they become family heirloom and the pride of their owners. Each detail of the unique clock “All-Mukaddas” is hand-made. The watchmaker had to assemble some of movement parts under the microscope – so tiny the details were.

Case back of the AL Mukaddas clock


Haute horlogerie, being the distinguishing feature of Konstantin Chaykin manufacture, has given the heart to this new creation – the most complicated movement with indication of dates and months according to Muslim lunar calendar – Hijra. This complication is a patented invention of Konstantin Chaykin. Apart from the lunar calendar, the clock is enhanced with the tourbillon and lunar phases indicator. The individual style of Piece Unique is even more prominent considering the how little such a complex and multifunctional movement is. The whole construction is mere 13 cm high but the clock master demonstrated his unsurpassable skill as he integrated additional modules of complications into this miniature clock.

Caliber: T01-3 by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 10 days

Accuracy: +/-20 seconds per day

Photo of the movement AL Mukaddas clock


“He is the One who rendered the sun radiant, and the moon a light, and He designed its phases that youmay learn to count the years and to calculate. Allah did not create all this, except for a specific purpose. He explains the revelations for people who know”. This Surah 10 Jonah, Ayah 5 from the Quran is engraved on the golden plate at the base of the clock. It is not by pure accident that the words pronounced by Allah were given such a remarkable place. The Arabic table clock “Al-Mukaddas” is created, primarily, for Muslims.

When dealing with religion, one should have an outmost tact and care, especially if this religion strictly regulates all spheres of human life as Islam does. Konstantin Chaykin is perfectly aware of this. He has been studying the Quran, life histories of outstanding Muslims and works on the Muslim architecture for months. One may state that the table clock “Al-Mukaddas” is the material embodiment of the spirit of Muslim faith and culture. Traditional calendar Hegira is to remind of religious holidays and fasting periods. The silver case designed in accordance with architectural traditions of Central Asia is adorned with amazing mosaics composed of pieces of lapis lazuli, jasper, tiger’s eye and glazes – such mosaic patterns and colour schemes can be seen in the mosques and madrasas of Samarkand and Astana. Golden figures, written in Arabic – the language of the Prophet, are laid on the luxurious white mother of pearl dial. Every detail of this clock is carefully crafted and the clock itself was examined by an Orientalist and recognized as a halal article, i.e. it does not violate the canons of Islam and is permissible under Islam.

Case dimensions: 248.5х255х123 mm/ 220х275х130 mm

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