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The first in the history of clockmaking

The “Shabbat Clock” is the realisation of Konstantin Chaykin’s idea to create a special type of calendar mechanism equipped with a “Shabbat” function, which allows its owner under any circumstances to avoid unnecessary winding of the clock during the “Shabbat” period. For his “Shabbat“ function, Konstantin Chaykin constructed a mechanical logic device, a kind of mechanical computer which analyses the state of both the calendar and the winding barrel. According to this information, it decides whether to allow the clock to keep working or to stop it.

Side view Shabbat clock

Watch features


  • Gears that make up the main movement of Shabbat clock
    The initial stage of assembly of the movement Shabbat clock
    Side walls of the movement  Shabbat clock
    Decorative part of the tourbillon Shabbat clock
     Shabbat clock movement in the intermediate stage of assembly
    Assembled  Shabbat clock movement, side view
     Shabbat clock movement - open moonphase indicator
    Shabbat clock movement assembly, final stage

Сase back

In the “Shabbat Clock” a special lever stops the tourbillon rotor, and with it the entire clock movement. Clocks with stoppable tourbillons are one of the most relevant constructions in haute horlogerie in recent times, which nobody had done in a table clock before Konstantin Chaykin, while he was also the first to use a tourbillon stop device to implement a second function of a complex clock movement.

Case back of the


The calibre TSB.01-4 of the “Shabbat Clock” was developed by Konstantin Chaykin and equipped with the “Shabbat” mechanism logic device he invented. The movement was made entirely at the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory according to the standards of haute horlogerie. Components finished using classical techniques: fine longitudinal and circular grindings; manual chamfering, polishing; spherical polishing of the axle tips; and galvanized plating of nickel and gilding. A distinctive feature of the movement is the “alpha” carriage design, a signature feature of Konstantin Chaykin’s table tourbillons, as well as four screwed, gilded ouches of different sizes, in which three ball bearings and one jewel bearing are fixed.

Caliber: TSB.01-4 by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 10 days

Accuracy: +/-20 seconds per day

photo of a fragment Shabbat clock of the movement


Unlike in the “Decalogue” wristwatch, the hour and minute hands of the “Shabbat Clock” go in the standard (clockwise) direction, although the hour markers on the dial are depicted in the same letters of the Jewish alphabet according to their numerical value (“Gematria”) as Konstantin Chaykin used in the markings on the dial of the “Decalogue” wristwatch, where the hands go in the opposite (anti-clockwise) direction. Konstantin Chaykin decided to reserve this feature exclusively for the “Decalogue” watch.

Case dimensions: 254 mm х 249 mm х 123 mm

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