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Tourbillon 55 Calendar Clock

The tourbillon complication really suits it

The “Tourbillon 55 Calendar Clock” is a more complex version of the “Tourbillon 55 Clock”, with the addition of a calendar with date and day of the week indication. The manufactured calibre TCA.01-1, in the movement of the “Tourbillon 55 Calendar Clock”, is characterised by its laconic symmetrical structure and vertical layout mandatory for Konstantin Chaykin’s table tourbillons. The finish of the clock mechanism and details of the external décor (the dial, and in all-metallic models also the case details), are finished in a uniform manner, rare in the genre of table clocks, giving the clock a special chic and without doubt distinguishing it from similar pieces from other brands.

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The design of the “Tourbillon 55 Calendar Clock” uses a distinctive feature of the “Tourbillon 55 Clock” model – the “55” marker, placed by Konstantin Chaykin on the dial of the “Tourbillon 55 Calendar Clock” in place of the number “11”. The mechanism plate and the dial are decorated in neatly executed vertical grinding, and polished chamfers are, naturally, used in the finish of the details of the movement. The reverse side of the movement is decorated with four screwed gilded ouches of different sizes, in which three ball bearings and one ruby bearing are fixed, turning the movement into a genuine work of the finest haute horlogerie.

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The calibre TCA.01-1 of the “Tourbillon 55 Calendar Clock” was developed by Konstantin Chaykin. The movement was made entirely at the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory according to the standards of haute horlogerie. Components finished using classical techniques: fine longitudinal and circular grindings; manual chamfering, polishing; spherical polishing of the axle tips; and galvanized plating of nickel and gilding. A distinctive feature of the movement is the “alpha” carriage design, a signature feature of Konstantin Chaykin’s table tourbillons, as well as four screwed, gilded ouches of different sizes, in which three ball bearings and one jewel bearing are fixed.

Caliber: T01-0 by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 10 days

Accuracy: +/-20 seconds per day

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Case dimensions: 232х165х129 mm

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