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It’s Russia time, baby!

Russia. Natural resources, vast territories, a harmonious blend of people of different backgrounds and cultures, a country full of powerful, intellectual and creative potential. This land has given the world outstanding scientists and genius writers, poets, musicians and artists. To this day, people are born here who are able to look into the future and produce incredible things. Maintaining the traditions of haute horlogerie in Russia, we try to embody the creative spirit of this great country.

For an independent watchmaker there are two paths – to investigate the craft traditions of the past and adorn watches with classic finishes and traditional complications, or to look for uncharted territory, going beyond established frameworks and creating new traditions. Back in 2005, at the beginning of his career, Konstantin Chaykin chose the second path, abandoning the manufacture of traditional clocks with a fusée-and-chain transmission, tourbillon and perpetual calendar for the invention of an Orthodox computus, a device calculating and displaying the dates of the Orthodox Easter, which had never been invented before.

Three sources and three components of Konstantin Chaykin’s watchmaking art

When starting a new project, and thinking what his latest timepiece should be, Konstantin Chaykin follows his creative principles: “When I start a new project, I am guided by my three creative principles – first, an idea is born, be it philosophical, technical or artistic, which captures all my thoughts. Then I come up with the design which will most completely and adequately express this idea. Finally, I construct a movement that brings everything to life.

“Every new watch is a huge amount of creative work. From my point of view, inspirations for new watches and projects are everywhere – in museums, books, films and even in conversations with friends. Something interesting can always come to your mind” – Konstantin Chaykin

Фото часов с инструментами для работы

If you design something well-known, for example a calendar, chronograph or repeater, everything can be done faster as everything is already known, having already been calculated by past masters. But because all our watches are created based on my own inventions, an incredible amount of effort, resources and time is required.


We focus on connoisseurs of the art of watchmaking, who are tired of the mass-produced and mostly impersonal products of famous brands. For real aficionados, it is emotions which are very important, a response which comes from the heart as soon as such a truly extraordinary watch, conceived with ingenuity and made with the highest levels of craftsmanship, is placed on the wrist.

Konstantin Chaykin

Timepieces for extraordinary people

Watches by Konstantin Chaykin reveal a part of the character of their owner. They belong to people who are not afraid to think independently, who have the courage to act and who have their own points of view on life.

Фото часов из уникальной коллекции

To be different from everyone else, to do what hasn’t been done before, to amaze, to delight, to lead – that is an extraordinary person. Such are the watch collections which are created for them.

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