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World premiere of Konstantin Chaikin at Dubai Watch Week 2021

Independent watchmakers' watches are a whole new world within the world of watchmaking. Their pieces are pure art, being produced unique or in small series and with the maximum involvement of manual work. Creators offer their clients a rare privilege that is inaccessible or denied by most brands (large brands in particular) - the personal communication with the master, the chance to get precious watches directly from the watchmaker and to feel the inspiration within the master's passion for haute horlogerie — his raison d'etre. Therefore, independent watchmakers try to participate more in exhibitions that provide them and their clients with unique possibilities. There is one more significant reason why you should visit the exhibition. You can acknowledge and, what is even more attractive for the enthusiastic watchmaking lovers, to see, touch, try on the piece first-hand and even get the chance to publish the first wrist-shot on Instagram with the watch that has just been revealed. The Dubai Watch Week 2021, which is going to take place in Dubai on November 24-28, 2021 (for the 6th time since the opening in 2015) will show visitors something more. After 2 years of hiatus, when almost all live events were canceled due to covid restrictions, the social life of the watch industry is finally reviving. Over past few years, Dubai Watch Week 2021 is one of the first horlogerie events held live and online. Watchmaking lovers, collectors, experts, press, clients and friends of the brand looked forward to live communication and fresh news.
Konstantin Chaykin, a leading inventor of the industry and an independent watchmaker, has gladly accepted the invitation to participate in Dubai Watch Week 2021 to present the new models he has recently created to the visitors of the exhibition. These are the first Martian aviator watch — the Mars Conqueror Mark 3 Fighter; the Mouse King watch, released in the year of the mouse, according to the Chinese calendar; the Joker Black Bet watch, full of the gambling casino spirit, the Grimaldi the Clown watch, created in honor of the master Joseph Grimaldi, the great artist and the first clown who transformed clownery from a lower-grade spectacle into the real art; the Dracula and Cinema watches, popular and beloved among many watchmaking lovers. These are certainly the excellent watches, but at Dubai Watch Week 2021 (this year only) aforementioned pieces are going to play a second role, since Konstantin Chaykin decided to present the world his new collaborative wristmon during the exhibition in Dubai. It's going to be a surprize, a real one, so don't forget to stay tuned. We are sure that you will be positively astonished! See you in Dubai!
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