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The monster is back! Meet Time-Eater II: "From Dusk to Dawn"

On September 19, Konstantin Chaykin and the Louis Erard brand have introduced the new version of their collaborative project, the Time-Eater watch (Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Konstantin Chaykin). The new rendition was dubbed Time-Eater II From Dusk to Dawn.
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The public first met the Time-Eater in April 2023. The inspiration for this watch was the mythical Cyclops from Homer's "Odyssey". Chaykin was also inspired by Franciso Goya's painting of Chronos, the god of time, consuming his children, and by the eponymous character of the Russian fairy-tale of the One-Eyed Likho. The first Time-Eater was released in two variants (one in a 39mm case with a purple hour scale, and in a 42mm case with a green scale), in a limited edition of 178 pieces each. In September 2023, the watch was nominated for the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in the category "Petite Aiguille".


The new version of the collaboration between Konstantin Chaykin and Louis Erard is decidedly more macabre than the original. The new watch is a "negative print" of the original. The light guilloche dial with a wavy pattern is replaced by a black one, and the singular hand is now blood-red. But this change is not the most dramatic. Undoubtedly the viewer will be most impressed by the single bloodshot "eye" of the new Wristmon. The previous version of the character looked almost surprised (an impression made all the stronger by its wide-open mouth, the seconds indicator, its sharp "teeth" constantly chewing through time). The new, pitch black Wristmon is clearly angry. His "eye" (hour indicator) is covered in red veins, and the "pupil" is enlarged, as if in rage. It looks scary: there's a good reason the watch is called Time-Eater II "From Dusk till Dawn". The name references the cult classic vampire movie from the 1990s. It seems Chaykin's new characters will feed on more than just time!


Like the original, the new Time-Eater II Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Konstantin Chaykin was released in two variants: in a 42mm case of polished steel and in a 39mm case of sandblasted steel with a black PVD covering. The watch comes with a black toad skin watchstrap with red stitching at the lugs and red rabbit skin underlining. Each variant was released as a limited edition of 178 pieces. A diptych set of both variants is also available (28 sets in total), as well as a full set of four versions of the Time-Eater watch, both light and dark-faced ones (8 sets in total).

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