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New watch by Konstantin Chaykin: follow the White Rabbit

The Russian watch manufacture "Konstantin Chaykin" present the new watch concept, inspired by the imagery of one of the most famous literary works in the world, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. The transformed watch will be released as a limited series of just four pieces and would be one of the most complex models designed by Konstantin Chaykin.

The crazy tea-party. The Mad Hatter. The smiling Cheshire cat. The painted roses, the deck of cards and the flamingo. Even without mentioning the author or the title of the book these images are immediately recognizable. Lewis Carroll's legacy permeates all areas of culture, and the high art of watchmaking should not be left out.

In his new work Konstantin Chaykin was inspired by the image of the White Rabbit, the symbol of going outside the limits of the obvious, of looking for new meanings and breaking down canons. Alice was surprised when the Rabbit pulled a watch out of his waistcoat pocket, and that started her adventure. Chaykin turns the Rabbit himself into a pocket watch, designing a new piece of art and inviting the watchmaking afficionados to follow the process of the piece coming to life.

Picture This is the first transformer watch in Konstantin Chaykin's collection of inventions. The watch is double-faced and has two full-fledged dials. Using the pendant-clasp attached to the Rabbit's "ears", the piece can be worn as a pendant or a pocket watch. To use it as a more traditional wristwatch, the ears can be removed, and a unique designer watchstrap is to be used.

Picture The movement designed by the manufacture for this model will be one of the most complex in the brand's history. The model will feature at least 12 complications, and other ones may be added during the design process.

Picture The back of the watch will feature the perpetual calendar, the sunrise and sundown indicators, and the length of day and night indicator. The front dial will include the Joker-indication of hours and minutes, the moonphase indicator, and the Rabbit's "nose" will serve as an AM/PM indicator, changing color depending on the time of the day. Both the functions and the specific design elements were not chosen randomly but are tied thematically with Carroll's fairytale world. Aside from that, a new unique function will be designed specifically for this model, introducing you to the magical Wonderland Time, though so far, the master keeps this complication a secret.

Picture The release will be limited to four pieces, each marked with a playing card suit symbol on the back, so each piece would be in a sense unique. The 42mm case will be made of titanium.
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