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Konstantin Chaykin has been awarded with the Medal "For Diligence and Art"

The Medal of the Russian Ministry of Finance "For Diligence and Art" was given as an award at the ceremony which was held on 27th of December, 2022. It has a long history: it was presented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire at all national exhibitions in the XIXth and early XXth centuries. In 2022, the traditional award was returned by the Russian Ministry of Finance. The winners are the leading representatives of the jewellery and watchmaking industries, including the famous Russian watchmaker and inventor Konstantin Chaykin.

Picture "There are still pages in the history of our department that are yet to be revealed. They are connected with the establishment of the exhibition movement in Russia," Finance Minister Anton Siluanov commented. "The Ministry of Finance stood at its roots, back in the times of the Russian Empire. It is symbolic that in the year of its 220th anniversary we returned the medal "For diligence and Art" which was given to outstanding businessmen, jewelers, representatives of public organizations."

Picture The awards ceremony was followed by a presentation of an art-documentary album "The Ministry of Finance of Russia at the origins of the exhibition movement". A great opportunity to learn more about the achievements in the field of Russian decorative and applied arts, art industries and particularly the jewellery brands that took part at the national and global exhibitions of the XIXth - early XXth centuries. There was also an exhibition of applied and fine jewellery art timed to coincide with the event. Among the historic exhibits, there were authentic sculptures by Eugene Lanceray and busts by Félix Chopin taken from the "Gallery of Russian Sovereigns". Konstantin Chaykin presented his Carpe Diem, Joker 5, Levitas 44, Cinema, and Mars Conqueror Mark 3 watches. It was the first time the audience saw the movement of the Chaykin's Lucomorye table clock in action.

Picture Participants and guests of the ceremony were the representatives of the Russian jewellery and watchmaking industry, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, deputies and senators of the State Duma and the Federation Council, employees of Gokhran, Goznak, the Russian State Assaying Chamber, Almaz, ALROSA and other institutions and organisations.
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