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Painting named "Self-portrait" by Konstantin Chaykin is put up for online auction on YouTube channel "About Watch". The charity auction is organized in support of the Polytechnical Museum project: the publication of a unique book titled "600 years of watchmaking in Russia".

The picture is painted on 30×30 cm canvas. Konstantin Chaykin chose the most typical watchmaker pose for his portrait — "a master at the workbench". Bright light falls gracefully on the table, the master's hands rest on convenient armrests, ready for the high precision work. The watchmaker is used to creating three-dimensional works of art. Thus, Chaykin as an artist seeks to capture the volume, shadows, texture of fabrics and surfaces. The straight angles of the posture resemble clock hands.
You can participate in the auction in the comments section below the video. The starting price is 15 000 RUB. The minimum bidding is 3 000 RUB. The auction ends on September 15, 2022 at 12:00 (MST).

The winner will donate the sum directly to support the project on the website. Delivery of the painting within Russia is free of charge; international delivery is paid by the buyer separately.
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