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Konstantin Chaykin: Watchmaker, Inventor, Artist

From April 27 to May 21 the Moscow Museum of Time and Watches will host the “Konstantin Chaykin: Watchmaker, Inventor, Artist” exhibition, supported by AllTime. The exposition will showcase the full retrospective of the watchmaker's work.


In 2023 the Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture celebrates its' twentieth anniversary. The series of events dedicated to this milestone in the master's artistic journey begins with the exhibition at the Museum of Time and Watches.


The exhibition will showcase more than 25 rare and unique watches. The visitors will be able to see the most complex mechanical clock in Russia, the Moscow Computus Clock. Models from the collection dedicated to space exploration and the classic Chaykin timepieces with complex mechanics, such as Levitas, Carpe Diem, Quartime, Cinema and others will be present as well. Especially interesting is the Wristmons collection, the 10 models from which will allow the visitors to appreciate the many complication and design variants of anthropomorphic watches.


In addition, the exhibition will include the master's movement prototypes, sketches and blueprints. This is the most extensive collection of Konstantin Chaykin's works ever presented in a single event.

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