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The exhibition «Konstantin Chaykin. Watchmaker, Inventor, Artist» has been extended until 28th of May

The exhibition «Konstantin Chaykin. Watchmaker, Inventor, Artist» has been extended until 28th of May. The number of visitors has already reached 1500. Due to the audience's interest, we decided to prolong the exhibition by a week. The exhibition is organised with the tremendous support of the AllTime company at the Museum of Time and Watches', Moscow.

It is considered to be the most in-depth demonstration of Konstantin Chaykin's works ever presented in one place, including 26 rare and unique watch models, movements' prototypes, sketches and Chaykin's working notebooks.


Visitors will get the chance to see the most complicated Russian clock (the Moscow Computus) with their own eyes! The exhibition presents 10 watch models with face-like dials from the famous Wristmons collection. The Mars Time Program is introduced by the 'Martian' watch indicating the time on Mars and a unique timepiece designed especially for the cosmonauts working on the ISS.


Konstantin Chaykin is a watchmaker, an honoured Russian inventor, a member of the Academy of Independent Creators in Watchmaking (AHCI) and the founder of his own watch manufacture. In 2023, Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture will celebrate its 20th anniversary. This exhibition opens a series of events commemorating the anniversary.


The Watch Museum is located on the 3rd floor of the AllTime shop at Rusakovskaya St., 1. This is the first museum in the capital devoted entirely to the history of Russian watchmaking. It was created by the Foundation for the Preservation and Development of Watchmaking. The permanent exhibition of the museum includes the unique variety of watches: from pieces created by Peter Nordstein's manufacture (1794), one of the first watchmaking manufactures established by decree of Catherine the Great, to products of the Soviet and up-to-date making industry.

The exhibition «Konstantin Chaykin: Watchmaker, Inventor, Artist» is opened from April 27 to May 28, 2023. Opening hours: from Mon. to Sun., 10:00 to 21:00. Admission is free.

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