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Two premieres in Konstantin Chaikin's Wristmons collection – Joker 5 and Harley Quinn

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Two premieres in Konstantin Chaykin's Wristmons collection: the Joker Five released timely to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the famous Joker watch and the collection's first female character, the Harley Quinn. The new Wristmons embody the heroes of Gotham City. This is the official release in collaboration with DC Comics.

The Joker Five with its skeletonized dial is a real eye-catcher! It has a broad smile that frames the retrograde day-of-the-week indicator. The dial reveals a new plate finishing and the functional elements of the Joker indication module, which consists of 140 parts (each of them is hand-finished).

The Harley Quinn is the first female character in the collection. A guilloche dial with a wavy pattern became the base for the original Harley Quinn's "makeup". The "smile" (the moonphase indicator) resembles a red lipstick, while the "eyes" (hour and minute indicators) with lush eyelashes are framed with turquoise and pink rimming, which gives them an almond shape.

The watches come in limited editions. Currently, all the pieces from this series are already reserved.
Photo of two new models of watches: Joker five and Harley Quinn on a green cloth
Product photo of wrist watch
Product photo of the wrist watch Harley Quinn on chips and green cloth
Product photo of wrist watch
Product photo of the wristwatch Harley Quinn on a red cloth
A subject photo of the wristwatch Joker 5, lying on a watchmaker's magnifying glass
Lifestyle photo of a Harley Quinn watch on the wrist in a cherry dress
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