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Konstantin Chaykin's watches at the Museum of Time and Watches' grand opening

The Museum of Time and Watches' grand opening took place on 17th of November, 2022. Konstantin Chaykin manufacture took part in this event. The exhibition presented various watches produced in Russia throughout the history, from the XVIIIth century to the present day. The new museum was created under the auspices of the AllTime company, the "Watch heritage" fund and the Russian Collectors Club. It is located on the 3rd floor of the AllTime building at Rusakovskaya str., 1.

Chaykin presented his famous Clown watch and one of the rare prototypes, the Mystery Prototype 42, at the opening ceremony. The Mystery is one of Konstantin Chaykin's first watches with a "mysterious" time indication system. Hour and minute hands of the watch are "floating" in the air. They are both driven by a single sapphire disc, an invention by Konstantin Chaykin that made the "mysterious" movement thinner and lighter.

The Clown watch from the Wristmons collection won the prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2018 (GPHG) in the "Audacity" category. Konstantin Chaykin is the only watchmaker from Russia who was granted this prestigious award, which is often called "the Oscar of the watchmaking industry". The guests of the opening ceremony had the chance to see the watch and the original award altogether.

The Clown and the Mystery Prototype 42 watches will be transferred to the museum's permanent exposition hall in the future.
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