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The summary of the auction Timepieces and Art: Konstantin Chaykin, August 20-30, 2022

The "Timepieces and Art: Konstantin Chaykin" auction ended in Zurich on August, 30. The auction was conducted by Ineichen Auctioneers, a company specializing on selling deluxe jewellery and watches since 1973. Seven timepieces and seven design sketches were put up for auction and hotly contested.

According to Knight Frank international consulting agency, in 2021 watches were the second most lucrative category of luxury items for investment, with value growing by 16% yearly. Unique approach to design, craftsmanship and patented production technologies have allowed the "Konstantin Chaykin" manufacture to occupy one of the top positions in the watchmaking industry, potentially the most lucrative investment target. Each piece is not just a testament to the owner's refined taste, but also a promising investment.

The limited numbers of "Konstantin Chaykin" pieces and the waiting time stimulate the global demand for already extremely popular models. Seven models presented at the "Timepieces and Art: Konstantin Chaykin" mono-auction previously belonged to private collectors. After appreciating the unique designs and mechanics, the owners now decided to sell them off at the international auction. In addition to the pieces themselves, seven of Konstantin Chaykin's design sketches, each accompanied by an NFT copy, were put up for sale. Each of the 14 lots has found a new owner, after 16 to 34 bids
The Grimaldi sketch was оne of the most hotly contested items: 13 experts bid for the drawing, with 34 total bids, and the price rising twofold within the last two hours of bidding. The final selling price of the lot was 30 (!) times higher than the estimates.

The sketch for the "Joker Clock", in which Chaykin brought to paper the still-unrealized idea of placing a tourbillon behind the Joker's "smile", was sold for 1300 Swiss francs, more than 13 times the starting price. The price of the Virtue Vice design sketch and its NFT copy has risen by a factor of 18.

All the results of the auction can be viewed at the official website.
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