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The atelier at Konstantin Chaykin’s manufactory was conceived as a place of maximum creativity, artistic freedom and the realisation of dreams. Many watch brands are very reluctant to manufacture watches based on private orders, and often even refuse to accept them. Konstantin Chaykin invites his clients to participate in the most interesting part of the watchmaking industry – in creating new watches that haven’t been and won’t be made again.

The atelier of Konstantin Chaykin manufactory offers three options:

  • Existing pieces of the collection with their own unique twist. Based on the original design, possibilities exist to make the case from different materials, the dial and other details of the external design from different materials or colour coatings, and a specially-developed, possibly even one-of-a-kind strap. To demonstrate all the possibilities open to you, we have developed the “Joker” and “Clown” watch configuration program – just enjoy the process, it’s likely that your inner watchmaker will be awoken…. If you feel the urge to make this watch a reality, go ahead and place your order.
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  • Develop a watch with a unique external design based on existing movements from the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory. You can expect a new design, new case construction and other new external design elements. The watch can be made both as a unique piece or as a limited series. Konstantin Chaykin has an impressive amount of experience developing such projects over the years, having produced unique versions of the “Hijra”, “Decalogue Luah Shana”, “Levitas Jazz”, “Joker”, and “Dracula” and more…
    unique watch
  • Development and creation of an exclusive timepiece. This is the most difficult but at the same time most interesting method, requiring imagination, ingenuity, and high-level manufacturing skills, as well as experience in organising the production process. Konstantin Chaykin possesses all these qualities, having successfully implemented many exclusive projects including “Amber Trilogy” (“Easter of Christ Computus Clock ”, “Little Amber Cuckoo”, and “Muslim calendar and map of the night sky”, 2007-2009), “Lunar Hijra with segmented date indication” (2010), “Northern Computus” (2015), and “Moscow Computus” (2016) – the most complicated table clock ever created in Russia.

    most sophisticated table clock
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