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There are two paths for the independent watchmaker. First, you can explore the traditions of the past and give watches classic finishing and well-known complications, or dive into the unknown by going beyond conventional ideas and becoming a pioneer yourself. Back in 2005, at the very dawn of his career, Konstantin Chaykin chose the second path. At one point, he decided not to create traditional watches with a fusee transmission, a tourbillon, and a perpetual calendar in favor of inventing the Orthodox Computus module, a unique device used to indicate the date of Orthodox Easter.


The production program of the “Konstantin Chaykin” manufacture suggests that new watch models are produced with a certain frequency. Due to the uniqueness and extreme complexity of manufacturing, the company is able to produce no more than 250 watches per year. Demand for watches slightly exceeds supply, and if a premiere of a model is being prepared for release, then buying it immediately after the announcement may cause certain technical difficulties. The manufacture is not technically capable of satisfying all wishes at once, so many watchmaking fans have to wait until their watches are ready.

What do we offer

Meanwhile, we know that Konstantin Chaykin’s connoisseurs are waiting for the upcoming release. According to our company’s principles, we do not announce new products long before the release since the concept of the manufacture is built around the exclusivity and uniqueness of the manufactured watches. However, the manufactory is ready to provide you with up-to-date information about the model, its image, and the price a few days before the release. If you would like to order a watch, just register your request on our waiting list and it will be accepted immediately.


Several new limited edition timepieces are released each year. If you apply for the waiting list, you might to get the opportunity to order one of the serial models. Important note: it usually takes approximately 12 months to produce one watch model.

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We are always glad to work for the enjoyment of our connoisseurs, but when ordering watches from the “Konstantin Chaykin” manufacture, it should be kept in mind that it is rather difficult to create pieces of haute horlogerie just “per request”. We ask our clients to take into account the complicated nature of haute horlogerie. We hope that the joy of having the new watch ready for you will prevail over the tiresome burden of waiting.

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