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Wristshot Carpe Diem watch  with a blue jacket

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Konstantin Chaykin’s invention of a new genre of allegorical watches was realised in the “Carpe Diem” model. The hourglass, one of the classic elements of an allegorical still life, is not just an artistic metaphor or an image on the dial, but a working mechanical function that is designed to replace the minute hand. The animated indication of the minutes as they pass is shown by an illusion of golden sand, flowing through the hourglass from the upper to lower bulbs.

Carpe Diem watch with hourglass minutes indicator

Watch features


  • Carpe Diem watch with sapphire crystal removed
    Carpe Diem watch hour hand setting process
    Carpe Diem watch еhe process of adjusting the hour hand
    Carpe Diem watch the dial installation process
     Carpe Diem watch the process of installing the movement in a gold case
    The installation process of the logo plate in the Carpe Diem watch
    Sapphire crystal installation process fo the Carpe Diem watch
    Screwing the case back ring fo the  Carpe Diem watc

Сase back

Almost all of Konstantin Chaykin’s watches are, to one degree or another, decorative in some way, but the “Carpe Diem” model undoubtedly stands out with its rich décor.
Carpe Diem watch photo of case back


The calibre K.01-4 of the “Carpe Diem” watch was developed by Konstantin Chaykin and is equipped with a mechanical animated hourglass also invented by Konstantin Chaykin, in which the movement of sand, flowing from one bulb to the other, is naturally depicted using moving shutters.The movement was made entirely at the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory and is made according to the standards of haute horlogerie. Components finished using classical techniques: abrasive blasting;perlage; fine longitudinal, radial and circular grindings; flat polishing; manual chamfering, polishing; polished screw holes, pins and jewels; spherical polishing of the axel tips; and galvanized plating of different types. A distinctive feature of the movement is the use in the bridges of deep-relief engraving and hammering, as well as a “Pacman” branded thermometer (a device developed by Konstantin Chaykin to fine tune the effective length of the spring).

Caliber: К01-4 with hand winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power Reserve: 48 hours

Accuracy: +/- 40 seconds per day

Photo of the movement Carpe Diem watch


Case with hand-engraved decoration.

Case dimensions: Diameter 45mm

  • The animated indication of the minutes

    The animated indication of the minutes as they pass is shown by an illusion of golden sand, flowing through the hourglass from the upper to lower bulbs.

    Изображение товара
  • Day of the week indicator

    As well as indicating the current time, the watch is also equipped with a day of the week indicator. The seven days are shown in the form of astronomical symbols, each of which denotes its day according to tradition.
    Изображение товара
  • The side surfaces of the gold case

    The side surfaces of the gold case are manually engraved in a floral design using a deep-relief engraving technique with a hammered background, while the gold and silver details of the décor of the dial are engraved and patinated.
    Изображение товара
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