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Decalogue Luah Shana

Stone tablet on a dial

“When God had finished speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him two tablets of revelation, tablets of stone, on which was written the hand of God”. This is how the Lord gave Moses, who led the Jews out of Egypt, his Ten Commandments, or Decalogue. Today, these divine orders are inscribed on the dial of the “Decalogue” watch, created by the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory, with the text of the tablets engraved on the dial in relief in ancient Aramaic writing.

Front photo close-up Luah Shana watch

Watch features


  • clock tools
    Decalogue Luah Shana watch movement wheel
    assembly screw polishing platform
    Polishing the  case back of the Decalogue Luah Shana watch on a lathe

Сase back

Case back of the Luah Shana watch


The calibre K.01-0 of the “Decalogue” watch was developed by Konstantin Chaykin and is equipped with a reverse time indication system with anti-clockwise hand rotation. The movement was made entirely at the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory and is made according to the standards of haute horlogerie. Components finished using classical techniques: striped andperlage; fine longitudinal and circular grindings; manual chamfering, polishing; polished screw holes, pins and jewels; spherical polishing of the axel tips; and galvanized plating of rhodium and gilding. A distinctive feature of the movement is the use of four gold ouches, and a branded regulator (a device developed by Konstantin Chaykin to fine tune the effective length of the spring).

Caliber: K. 01-0 with hand winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day

Power reserve: 48 hours when fully wound

Photo of the movement  of the Decalogue Luah Shana watch


The hour markers in the dial are depicted in letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and each of these letters, according to the Kabbalah, has a numerical value, gematria, which corresponds to the numbers from 1 to 12.

In order to confidently determine the time on such a watch, on which the time is indicated by letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the hands go backwards, you need to get accustomed to it. But this effort is rewarded by the special feeling of communicating with an unusual companion – a watch, whose expressive appearance and original design allow you to touch the traditions and ancient history of the Jewish people. The Jewish theme continues in the design of the branded calibre K.01-0 developed by the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory. The drum wheel is inscribed with the Star of David, which is further highlighted in gilding or enamel.

Case dimensions: diameter 42 mm

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