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The biggest 3D-moonphase indicator in the world

In the “Lunokhod” watch Konstantin Chaykin placed the largest and most realistic-looking wristwatch moon on the world. The 12mm spherical moon located in the centre of the dial is made of bulat steel, the surface texture of which resembles the relief of the lunar surface.

During the manufacturing of the “Lunokhod” watch, Konstantin Chaykin used a material previously unknown to watchmakers – genuine stainless bulat steel, a specially melted high carbon steel grade, an exotic and rare material perceived as legendary and even mythical, very hard and incredibly difficult to process.

Lunokhod watch -bulat stainless steel, moon phase indicator

Konstantin Chaykin put into his watch the most live, realistic watch Moon in the world

Bulat steel has a unique crystalline structure which makes the metal incredibly hard and wear-resistant. Scratches, which are much less likely to form on a case made of real bulat stainless steel than on a case made of standard stainless steel 316L, are masked by the spotted surface texture inherent in bulat steel. This texture also makes the case of the watch unusually attractive, giving the watch a brutal character and even, to a certain extent, a militaristic appearance.

Lunokhod watch photo of case back


The calibre K.05-0 of the “Lunokhod” watch was developed by Konstantin Chaykin. The movement, which is equipped with a natural spherical moonphase indicator construction invented by Konstantin Chaykin, was made entirely at the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory and is made according to the standards of haute horlogerie. Components finished using classical techniques: abrasive blasting;perlage; fine longitudinal, radial and circular grindings; manual chamfering, its polishing; polished screw holes, pins and jewels; spherical polishing of the axel tips; and galvanized rhodium and gilded plating. Distinctive features of the movement are the gold ouches (one of which is screwed) and branded regulator (a device developed by Konstantin Chaykin to fine tune the effective length of the spring).

Caliber: K05-0 with hand winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Stroke accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day

Power reserve, h: 38

Photo of the movement Lunokhod watch


The “Lunokhod” case has a very complex shape. In profile it looks trapezoidal, just like the cosmic version that so inspired it, and the triangular reliefs on the side surfaces remind us of the wheels of the spacecraft, reliefs also found on the crown. The upper surface of the case is spherical, just as in the “Lunokhod” spacecraft.

Case dimensions: diameter 47,7 mm, height 10,7 mm

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