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Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker Wristmon became a sensation amongst watchmaking connoisseurs in 2017. In 2022, the master horologist decided to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the popular model by creating an entirely new Joker 5 model with a new design and a new complication.

When considering the new model, Konstantin Chaykin decided to use a skeleton dial similar to the unique Martian Tourbillon Wristmon created for the Only Watch 2021 auction. This structure makes the main functional components of the Joker’s indication module visible from the dial side. Incidentally, the master has redesigned this module: the smiling moonphase indicator has been replaced by a new day-of-the-week sector indicator: another wide, mischievous grin from ear to ear.

The watch is issued in a limited edition of 38 pieces. All the pieces are reserved. To get the opportunity to order one of the serial models of the next release apply for the waiting list.

Konstantin Chaykin - Wristmon Joker five watch


Konstantin Chaykin has been using day-of-the-week indicators in his Wristmons several times. The Joker Selfie, the Minotaur, and the Smilodon watches possess such a function. In the Martian Tourbillon watch, the "smile", which combined the Martian calendar and the day-of-the-week indicator, received the calendar function for the first time. Chaykin chose this version of the dial design for the new Joker 5 model. Thus, the smile of the new Wristmon became a retrograde day-of-the-week indicator. This time it's a classic, Earth version.

  • Hour and minute indicators

    The indication of hours and minutes is common for all the timepieces from the Wristmons collection. Thus, it is implemented in the eyes of the new Joker 5 watch. The indicator is a hand with a wide round "pupil" on the end which moves along the rhodium-plated scales. The skeletonized dial shows you in detail the movement's functional elements and the way it works.

    Изображение товара
  • New type of plate finishing and movement parts

    For the new model, Konstantin Chaykin has developed a new type of finishing for the indication module plate. It features two different textures: a fine granular texture with micro-relief, and a dark grey anthracite coating. Their combination has given the surface of the plate its very special look. After the final treatment, it resembles the traditional frosted finish technique.

    The movement includes four wheels with figuratively shaped spokes, which each form the symbols of one of the suits – hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Two rack levers shaped as a stylised letter “J”.

    Изображение товара
  • Day-of-the-week Indicator

    A bright red smile, which became the centerpiece of the new design, frames the day-of-the-week indicator. The thin red frame of the day-of-the-week indication hand destroys the symmetry of the Joker’s smile, turning it into a mischievous grin – the new emotion of Chaykin’s Wristmon.
    Изображение товара
  • Collector's Strap

    The Joker 5's look could not be complete without an exclusive collector's strap decorated with a bow tie. It is designed by Konstantin Chaykin specially for this model in the Joker 5 color palette: purple, yellow and green. The strap is made of high-quality leather.

    Note that a classic black strap with green stitching comes with the watch by default. Collector's version of the strap is sold separately.

    Изображение товара


The K.09-0 caliber with automatic winding was created by Konstantin Chaykin especially for this timepiece. The manufactured module consists of 142 parts, including 10 jewels.

Technical specification

Watch features

The process of assembling

Step "behind the scenes" and take a closer look at the new timepiece's assembling by Konstantin Chaykin.
  • installing custom gears symbols of one of the suits in plate of Joker five watch
    clock bridge mount of Joker five watch
    clock bridge of Joker five watch
    fixing the clock bridge with screws  of Joker five watch
    Two rack levers shaped of the Joker five watch
    A bright red smile of Joker five watch
    Minute dial setting of Joker five watch
    Minute hand holder of Joker five watch
    Assembly movement of Joker five watch

Case & Caseback

Case made of stainless steel, caseback with sapphire window. Diameter 40 mm, thickness 13.7 mm.

The sapphire crystal caseback provides the owner with a detailed view of the automatic winding rotor's finishing. The design of the rotor has been developed specially for this model. Half of the movement remains open and you can see the official Joker emblem engraved on the rotor.

Case back of the Joker five watch
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