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Minions Titanium

In March 2023 Konstantin Chaykin introduced the new version of the most popular model in the Wristmons collection, the Minions Titanium. The dial is very similar to the original model which was so well received by the watchmaking connoisseurs. The case of the new version is made of titanium. The master has also altered some finish details.

The first Minions watch was introduced during the Dubai Watch Week 2021. It's one of the most recognizable characters of the popular collection. A wristmon with banana-yellow face-like dial and a wide smile (moonphase indicator) instantly calls for a smile in response. This embodies the core idea of the collection: watches with anthropomorphic dials which cause an immediate emotional reaction.

Minions Titanium is released as limited series of 99 pieces. At this moment all watches are already reserved. If you are interested in purchasing the next model, you can join the waiting list.

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The Minions watch by Konstantin Chaykin is one of the most recognizable models of the Wristmons collection. The popularity of the model led the master to the idea of launching a new version – the Minions Titanium.


    The case of the Minions Titanium is made of light and scratch-resistant titanium. It's dark grey color provides a striking contrast to the banana-yellow dial. The diameter of the case is 40mm, its width is 13,5 mm.
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    In the new version of the wristmon Konstantin Chaykin used a different technique for the finish of the scales, the rims of the character's "goggles". Instead of sandblasting directional polish was used.
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    The self-winding rotor was designed by Konstantin Chaykin. The transparent caseback reveals an engraving of a "Minions" character and logo. The rotor also became darker in the new release thanks to galvanic ruthenium plating.
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    The watchstrap of Minions Titanium is made of micro-denim fabric with calf skin lining with contrasting yellow stitching, reminiscent of the original characters' blue jumpsuits.
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The watch features automatic self-winding with manufacture-made indication module.

– Joker-indication of hours and minutes;
– moonphase indicator;
– automatic winding.

Technical specification
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The assembly process

The assembly process

Watching a wristmon being assembled is always fascinating, Before your eyes the movement gets its eyes and a smile. All the parts come together in an anthropomorphic dial which is guaranteed to excite and impress.
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