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Наручные часы

Calavera is the first watch by Konstantin Chaykin dedicated to Mexico and its amazing cultural heritage. The joker-indication module he invented was a perfect fit for the new “sugar skull” Wristmon. The anthropomorphic dial was given a highly recognizable look, not scary at all, but rather cute and funny. How else would a Chaykin Wristmon look?

“Calavera is a story about folk imagination and the ability to create convincing, emotionally charged images, which for the last three hundred years have been realized in a very fragile medium of cane sugar. I can barely begin to imagine the innumerable variations of the image that are gone forever. Like pictures in the sand, which only last for a few moments before the next wave washes them away. It's hard to stay indifferent thinking about this. Aren't my own creations just as fleeting?” – Konstantin Chaykin.

The Calavera watch is produced as a limited edition on 20 pieces which will be presented by the master himself at the SIAR (Salón Internacional Alta Relojería) exhibition which will take place on October 18-20 in Mexico City.

All the pieces are reserved. To get the opportunity to order one of the serial models of the next release apply for the waiting list.

Фото наручных часов

The Calavera watch – a dedication to Mexico

Konstantin Chaykin begins working on a new model when struck by an interesting idea, a philosophical, artistic or historical one. The entire history of the Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture testifies to that.

The idea that drove the creation of the Calavera watch was an existential one. We live in a fragile world but realizing that should not stop an artist from creating, and enjoying the process of creation, no matter how fleeting the result. And the point of origin of this idea for Konstantin were the calaveras, sugar skulls traditionally made in Mexico for the Day of the Dead, El Día de Muertos. They are an important part of the country's cultural heritage, a collection of remarkably emotional artistic images based on a long tradition: it's believed that making calaveras goes back to the XVII century, roughly three hundred years ago.

  • The El Día de Muertos style decor

    The master decided, to use a minimalist approach while creating his interpretation of the sugar skull decoration, the quintessence of the El Día de Muertos style. The ornaments are only hinted at, and the color pallet is limited to four main shades: red, blue, deep blue and black, and of course the essential silvery-white, “sugary” background.

    Изображение товара
  • The joker-indication module

    Deep black eyes serve as time indicators, the signature moon-shaped smile of the Wristmons shows the moon phase through the black web that traditionally signifies the teeth of the sugar skull.

    Изображение товара
  • The caseback and rotor

    The caseback features a sapphire crystal which showcases the self-winding rotor, blacked and decorated with circular brushing. For the Calavera, the master created a variation of this design with additional decorative plates with the name of the model and the manufacture logo.
    Изображение товара


The calibre K.07-0 with automatic winding is prodused by Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory. The joker-indication module consists of 61 parts including 8 jewels. Power reserve is 38 hours.

Technical specification

Watch features


Watching the process of assembling of any of Wristmons is very exciting. You can see how the movement gets trademark wristmon's "eyes" and "smile". These parts form the unforgettable face-like dial.
  • Процесс установки плашки с названием в часы
    Индикаторы часов, минут и фаз луны в наручных часах
    Циферблат наручных часов
    Установка безеля на часы
    Части корпуса и механизма наручных часов

Case and strap

The case is made of stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter. Its width is 13.7 mm. The sapphire crystal caseback is transparent enough to provide a detailed view of the automatic winding rotor's finishing.

Strap is made of black alligator leather with calf skin lining and white contrast stitching. The buckle is made in a classic style by Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture.

Лайф стайл фото наручных часов
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