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Clown II Audacity

A circus tent, a festive mood, multi-coloured balloons, candy floss on a stick…. The circus clown – comedian, children’s entertainer – fits perfectly into this picture. But a truly terrifying clown is the clown who hides his face behind a white painted mask, with dramatically accentuated eyes and an always-laughing blood-red mouth, a clown monster, who just when you think has gone is certain to return.

The first version of the “Clown” watch sold out immediately back in 2017, added to the collections of watch connoisseurs from around the world. For this reason, at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), in which the “Clown” received a prestigious short list nomination, Chaykin was forced to take a functioning prototype of the original model.

The only thing Konstantin Chaykin came back with from the GPHG was a “Golden Arrow” statuette. The “Audacity” prize – the first award ever won at the Geneva Grand Prix by a watchmaker from Russia. That is why his new dancing “Clown” he decided to call…”Audacity”.

Photo of the Clown II Audacity watch - lie, dial up.

Watch features


  •  Pad printing minutes indicator Clown 2 Audacity watch.
    Clown 2 Audacity watch assembly
    Eyes - indicators of hours and minutes of wristmons
    Case, back cover, dial, Clown 2 Audacity movement

Сase back

On the reverse of the Clown 2 Audacity case one can find, presented in relief, a mysteriously symmetrical and absolutely deserted circus tent – the place where we should find a crowd of people having fun, anticipating the show, has nobody there… In every aspect the Clown 2 Audacity watch is unlike any watch you’ve ever seen before.

Case back of the Clown 2 Audacity watch


Especially for the “Joker” and other models of the “Wristmons” collection Konstantin Chaykin developed a double-disc display for the hour and minute indications, as well as a moonphase indicator. In the construction and design of the movement, he was guided by the principles of haute horlogerie, despite the fact that the movement is hidden under an opaque dial. Konstantin Chaykin meticulously finished every part of the movement using classic techniques: perlage pearl textured grinding; fine longitudinal and circular grinding; abrasive blasting to a matte finish; a smooth handcrafted chamfer; engraving; polished screw holes, pins and jewels; spherical polishing of the axel tips; and galvanized rhodium plating. In total the module includes 8 jewels, designed to reduce friction, while the moonphase indicator is driven by a wheel with 59 teeth.

Caliber: K07-0 automatic winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 38 hours when fully wound

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day

Photo of the movement Clown2  Audacity


Clown 2 Audacity – the perfect name for a new watch which is truly audacious, that is non-conformist, provocative, extraordinary, spectacular… all characteristics which are hallmarks of the “Wristmons Monsters” collection by Konstantin Chaykin. For the Clown 2 Audacity watch, Chaykin’s well-known dial with dancing eyes – showing the hours and minutes, and trademark moonphase indicator smile – has been given a new design. The colour scheme of the watch is set by the light blue eyes and golden-edged dial – this colour scheme is repeated in the blue with yellow stitching of the alligator leather strap.

Case dimensions: diameter 42 millimetres; height 13.7 millimetres

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