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Dracula watch on the background of a carnival mask

“Dracula” with his instantly-recognisable fangs

Meet “Dracula”! The “Joker” by Konstantin Chaykin shows its fangs – worth seeing for themselves. As night approaches, the “Dracula” watch exhibits a remarkable ability, placed in it from its conception…the ability to transform. In daylight hours they are expertly disguised and the watch can hardly be distinguished from the imaginary (as it is yet to be created by Konstantin Chaykin), imposing “Joker” with blackened stainless-steel case and face-like dial with contrasting colouring.

However, at night the constantly expressive, ever-changing yet always familiar “Joker” face is transformed. As if to celebrate the approach of night, when Halloween traditions dictate that the most mysterious, frightening and blood-chilling events take place, the fangs of “Dracula” are revealed. Shortly before midnight, just as in legend, the fangs begin to grow, becoming fully extended by one o’clock in the morning, beginning to retract at about 03:40 and being completely hidden at 05:30.

Сlose-up photo  Dracula watch

Watch features


Thanks to this construction, the indication module is much more complicated, featuring 16 new parts (bringing the total number of components in the movement to 77).

Already complex to execute, this dial has become even more so – it has twice the number of parts of the “Joker” dial.

  • checking parts of the mechanism of the Dracula watch
    Assembly of  Dracula watch mechanism parts

Сase back

In another first for the “Wristmons” series, a sapphire crystal appears on the case back, allowing the watch owner to enjoy the view Konstantin Chaykin created for this watch – an automatic-winding solid disk rotor system of a special “mysterious” Halloween design with an ominous bat wing outline.

Case back of the Dracula watch


Especially for the “Joker” and other models of the “Wristmons” collection Konstantin Chaykin developed a double-disc display for the hour and minute indications, as well as a moonphase indicator. In the construction and design of the movement, he was guided by the principles of haute horlogerie, despite the fact that the movement is hidden under an opaque dial. Konstantin Chaykin meticulously finished every part of the movement using classic techniques: perlage pearl textured grinding; fine longitudinal and circular grinding; abrasive blasting to a matte finish; a smooth handcrafted chamfer; engraving; polished screw holes, pins and jewels; spherical polishing of the axel tips; and galvanized rhodium plating. In total the module includes 8 jewels, designed to reduce friction, while the moonphase indicator is driven by a wheel with 59 teeth.

Caliber: К.18-7 Dracula, automatic winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 38 hours when fully wound

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day



Case dimensions: diameter 42 millimeters; height 14.2 millimeters

  • Vampire’s fangs

    The vampire fangs of “Dracula” are not simply a new design element of the dial – from a watch mechanics point of view they are a “Dracula Time” indicator, invented by Konstantin Chaykin. In fact, it is his own modified “day/night” indicator.
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