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Grimaldi the Clown watch on a box of colored pencils

Grimaldi the Clown

Here we are again! Turning clownery into an artform.

We are now delighted to let you know that the story of the Wristmons-Clowns continues, as the Russian master announces the release of his new watch, Grimaldi the Clown.

Connoisseurs of the history of theatre will no doubt recall that the words ‘Grimaldi the Clown’ appear in the Charles Dickens-edited fictionalised biography of Joseph Grimaldi, Memoirs of Grimaldi, the Clown. Yes, Konstantin Chaykin devotes his new watch to Joseph Grimaldi, a great artist and the first clown to turn the genre from a show of somewhat low standards into a true artform. Grimaldi enabled the clown, one of the standard characters of the traditional harlequinade, to come to the fore. In fact, he took centre stage. The image of the clown as created by Grimaldi, with his outrageous costume, face painted in white make-up with red triangles on the cheeks, accentuated black eyebrows and big, red lips in a mischievous grin, was carefully reproduced by Konstantin Chaykin on the dial of his latest Wristmon. The design is important as a recognition of the insight of Grimaldi, inventor of the classic image of the clown. However, that’s not the most important thing. Standing above everything else is the incredible emotionality of the first Clown, and his ability to captivate the audience with his subtle acting and quick reactions. It is no wonder that his contemporaries remarked that the only way to appreciate the skill of Grimaldi was to see him live on stage.

Konstantin Chaykin - Wristmon Grimaldi the Clown watch

Сase back

The caseback features a sapphire window – the first watch in the Clown series to be given this. Through the sapphire window one can see the entire disc rotor of the automatic winding system and its ‘mysterious’ design.
Сaseback with sapphire window Grimaldi the Clown watch


Caliber: K07-0 automatic winding by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture

Power reserve: 38 hours when fully wound

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day



The dial of this timepiece is made in hues typical of the first Joker and many other Wristmons, and it would be no exaggeration to say that Grimaldi is a coauthor of its design. The name of the watch, on the bezel of the steel case, is written in Baroque script – chosen by Konstantin Chaykin exclusively for this model. The same font is used in the minute- and hourmarkers of the branded Joker-indication time indicator discs, made in the form of the character’s eyes.

Case dlimensions: diameter 42 millimetres; height 13.7 millimetres

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