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In the spring of 2017, independent watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin first introduced to the public the Joker watch, with its stand-out and unquestionably memorable anthropomorphic dial. This brand-new model marked the beginning of the Wristmons ("monsters on the wrist") collection, which includes more than 20 timepieces with different designs and unique complications. In 2022, which is also the remarkable 5th anniversary of the collection, Chaykin decided to introduce the first female Wristmon, the amusing supervillain – Harley Quinn.

“In the complex character of Harley Quinn, I felt a unique style. She is a bright female character, rebellious and audacious, which is very close to the idea of a watch as a kinematic art object with a direct emotional impact. She seems to me to be a compliment to and a reflection of the Joker watch. Harley Quinn’s ability to be different, to stand out from the crowd, and her ability to enjoy it – that’s exactly what I expect from myself and my clients.” – Chaykin explained his choice.

In September 2022, the Harley Quinn watch have been shortlisted for the most prestigious international Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in the Ladies’ category.

The watch is issued in a limited edition of 28 pieces. All the pieces are reserved. To get the opportunity to order one of the serial models of the next release apply for the waiting list.

Konstantin Chaykin - Wristmon Harley Quinn watch

Bright look

The design of the Harley Quinn watch is empowered by a two-tone theme. It is featured in both the brightly-colored rim of the "eyes" (hour and minute indicators) and the red and black design of the strap. These color accents, combined with subtle decor details, create a recognizable, vivid image and it becomes impossible to take your eyes off the watch.
  • Almond-shaped eyes

    The "eyes" (hour and minute indicators) are distinguished by their extraordinary turquoise and pink-colored rim. This is an original design developed by Chaykin: the additional colors were used to give the eyes an almond-shaped form while maintaining the round shape of the dials.
    Изображение товара
  • Defining details

    The list of details that form Harley Quinn's unique style continues with the small black mask, puffy eyelashes, and perhaps one of the most noticeable details of Harley Quinn's strange, crazy, but so harmonious and intriguing look - the black heart-shaped tattoo on her cheek. All these elements look exceedingly awesome on the wristmon's dial background that combined two types of guilloché.

    Изображение товара
  • Caseback and rotor

    Relief décor with a heart, diamonds, and the logo of Harley Quinn all appear on the disc rotor system of the K.07-4 caliber with automatic winding, which was designed by Konstantin Chaykin specially for this watch. Unlike in the first Joker watch, the steel caseback features a sapphire window, revealing the rotor design.
    Изображение товара
  • Bright strap

    The design is completed by an exclusive collector's strap with red and black diamond motifs. It was designed by Konstantin Chaykin for this particular model. The strap is made of high quality leather.

    Note that a classic red strap with red stitching comes with the watch by default. Collector's version of the strap is sold separately.

    Изображение товара


The K.07-4 caliber with automatic winding was created by Konstantin Chaykin. The manufactured module determing the hours, minutes and moon phases consists of 69 parts, including 8 jewels.
Technical specification

Watch features


Watching the process of assembling of any of Wristmons is very exciting. You can see how the movement gets trademark wristmon's "eyes" and "smile". These parts form the unforgettable face-like dial.
  • Dial Harley Quinn watch separately
    Plate of the Harley Quinn watch
    installing gear in plate of the Harley Quinn watch
    Dial adjustment of the Harley Quinn watch
    Mounting gears with screws of the Harley Quinn watch
    installation of a plate with the name of Harley Quinn watch
    Setting the moon phase indicator of Harley Quinn watch
     Setting the hours indicator  of the Harley Quinn watch
    Setting the hour and minute  indicator of the Harley Quinn watch
    Dial setting of the Harley Quinn watch
    Harley Quinn watch Case assembly

The first female character

This is the first female character in the Wristmons collection, and so Konstantin Chaykin decided to endow the watch with a case reduced to 40mm in diameter. The creator is far from positioning this model as a ladies’ piece, though he nevertheless invites wonderful women to the Wristmons universe he has created.

Case made of stainless steel, caseback with sapphire window.

Wristshot of the Harley Quinn watch in a transparent cherry dress
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