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Joker Selfie watch on hand

Joker Selfie Only Watch-2019

Тhis is the first mechanical watch in the world with a selfie dial, a new invention by Konstantin Chaykin. That’s why the watch got the name “Selfie” – Joker Selfie Only Watch-2019 Piece Unique. To strengthen the portrait of the Joker-watchmaker, Chaykin decided to set above the Joker’s right eye, which is designed to be the hours indicator, a stylized watchmaker’s magnifying glass, provided with real magnifying sapphire crystal – the first in Konstantin Chaykin’s collection, and possibly ever.

Photo of the Joker Selfie Only Watch-2019 - lie, dial up.

Watch features


Recalling the early years of the development of his brand, when he used Soviet-produced calibers as the basis for developing his unique watch movements, Konstantin Chaykin decided to turn to the heritage of the great Soviet watchmaking industry again. Specially for the Joker Selfie Only Watch-2019 Piece Unique he decided to develop a new movement, based on the famous precision Caliber 2809 of the Chistopol Watch Factory, known as “Vostok”.

  • Moon indicator and drop-down curtain Joker Selfie
    Dismantled damask steel case of theJoker Selfie Only Watch
    Shutter for hour and day indicator Joker Selfie Only Watch

Сase back

 Сaseback with sapphire window Joker Selfie Only Watch


The solid technical features of Caliber 2809 are complemented by a high-quality design and finish, provided by Konstantin Chaykin manufacture. The newly-developed movement is a great choice to use in haute horlogerie collectable watches. The platina was heavily modified, especially for the installation of a proprietary Joker display module. The barrel bridge, engrenage bridge, escape-wheel cock, pallet cock, balance cock, barrel wheel, index and index spring were newly manufactured. In addition, the movement is endowed with typical signs of high watchmaking art – polished caps of the escape-wheel cock and engrenage bridge, and a newly-designed spring-held pawl of the barrel wheel. Movement parts are decorated in accordance with the high standards of the Konstantin Chaykin manufacture – a glimpse through the sapphire-crystal caseback will reveal all the details.

Caliber: Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture Caliber K.21-0, hand-winding, developed on the base of Soviet precision Caliber 2809 of Tschistopolsky factory; highly modified by Konstantin Chaykin according to haute horlogerie standards and equipped with Joker indication module

Power reserve: 46 hours when fully wound

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per day

Photo of the movement Joker Selfie Only Watch


Case dimensions: diameter 42 mm; height 14,75 mm

  • Stylized watchmaker’s magnifying glass

    Sapphire crystal for watchmaker’s magnifying glass diameter 9.5 mm
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  • Joker Emoji Day of the Week secret indicator

    Instead in a special window in the upper section of the dial you will find the unique Emoji Day of the Week indicator with special joker-style emojis, conceived by Chaykin, representing days of the week.
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  • Case

    Another hint from the history of the Konstantin Chaykin brand is the case made of genuine stainless bulat steel. This is an extremely tough, hard to work and exotic steel alloy, previously used by Konstantin Chaykin in his famous Lunokhod watches. Bulat steel has been used for many centuries by sword makers to produce the best quality blades, which can’t be surpassed by any modern high-tech alloy. Sword makers preferred to keep the exact recipe of bulat steel secret, so it has been lost and re-discovered again and again.
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