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In February 2023 Konstantin Chaykin introduced the Smilodon, a new watch in the famous Wristmons, or "wrist monsters" collection. The idea for the watch emerged in 2022 inspired by the year's symbol in the Chinese lunar calendar, the tiger. Designing, refining and assembling the complex movement took the next year. On February 16 the master first showcased the new watch in action, during a presentation of his collection in Moscow.
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Another entry in Konstantin Chaykin's "bestiary"

According to Chinese beliefs, the tiger is an unpredictable creature. Konstantin Chaykin likewise strives to escape the easily anticipated schemed, and this time he decided to look for the connections with prehistory.

Paleontologists have determined, thanks to the latest advances in radiological analysis, that the last sabretooth tigers, or, according to proper classification, smilodon, had died out around 10 thousand years ago in America. In 1842 these fossilized monsters were dubbed "smilodon" by the scientist who discovered them, the Danish paleontologist Peter Wilhelm Lund. The generally accepted reading implies that it's the amalgamation of the ancient Greek words "smilo" (σμίλη; a double-edged knife) and "odonthos" (οδόντος; tooth).

Konstantin Chaykin was attracted by an unexpected association with his creations: the ancient Greek "smilo" had another meaning, "smile". And "Smile" was the working title of the anthropomorphic watch project, chosen in 2016. From this project the Joker watch and the entire Wristmons collection was born.

The Tiger in Chinese mythology is a powerful, brave and capricious creature, all the traits clearly showing in the "Smilodon" project, which sets its own rules.

  • Smilodon's jaw as a time of day indicator

    The characteristic smile of the Joker and other wristmons is replaced by a tusky maw, framed by powerful saber-like fangs which gave the prehistoric predator its name. When night falls, the movable lower jaw closes, hiding a petroglyph-style image of an extinct animal. This unusual feature serves as the watch's day/night indicator.

    To implement the function, Konstantin Chaykin developed a complex dial with 32 parts and mechanically moving pieces.

    The dial is bronze-colored and decorated with four different kinds of guilloche finish. To get the shade of yellow for the Smilodon's eyes exactly right, the master personally covered the time indicator disks with hundreds of superfine layers of lacquer.
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  • Day of the week indicator

    Konstantin Chaykin used the petroglyphs in the Smilodon's mouth to symbolize the days of the week. In the morning the jaws open to reveal a new petroglyph which marks the new day.

    A camelops, a mammoth, a mastodon… The final one is a man, a symbol used by Konstantin Chaykin for Sunday, the seventh day of creation according to the Old Testament.

    Though the owner of the watch can, of course, decide for themselves from witch petroglyph to start the week.
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  • Winding crown at "6 o'clock"

    Felines, including smilodon before they went extinct, love to have their chin scratched. The owner of the Smilodon watch would always be able to treat their mechanical pet by using the winding crown installed in the "6 o'clock" position, directly under the smilodon's chin.

    The watch is equipped with an automatic caliber, so if it's worn regularly there is no need to use the winding crown at all. But the master is sure that even just touching the winding crown of a watch in the morning, while putting it on, brings good luck.
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    The theme of Smilodon and its fangs is not limited to these decorations: specifically for this model Konstantin Chaykin designed a custom leather watchstrap with two-row perforation for the buckle with double pin. An important detail here are the pins shaped like smilodon fangs.

    The strap is made of high-quality leather. The buckle is made of titanium.
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The Smilodon watch is equipped with an automatic К.08-2 caliber. The manufactured indication module was designed by Konstantin Chaykin and consists of 142 parts.

– Joker-indication of time with disk hour and minute disks;
– day of the week indicator;
– Smilodon-indication of the day/night cycle.

Power reserve: 50 часов.
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The process of assembling

Watching the process of assembling of any of Wristmons is very exciting. You can see how the movement gets trademark wristmon's "eyes" and "smile". These parts form the unforgettable face-like dial.

Case and caseback

The case, 42 mm in diameter and 13 mm thick, is made of ferrous bronze. The top lugs are shaped like smilodon ears, and the bottom ones have a classic oblique shape familiar from other models in the Wristmons collection.

The back of the case is made of titanium, thanks to which the bronze case which will acquire patina overtime will not leave marks on the wrist. The caseback features a sapphire-covered window showcasing the self-winding rotor. The rotor is decorated with a relief of a smilodon with its terrifying fanged smile.
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