Travel case, vinous


  • High-quality genuine calf leather
  • Soft chamois inside lining
  • Easy to use flap cover
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Konstantin Chaykin’s choice for secure storage

No watch is included in the price of the case

Shipping costs are not included
No VAT included




Truly valuable things require special treatment and care. Complex mechanical watches must be transported with utmost attention to detail. Reckless transportation can damage the case and even influence the precision of the movement. So, we recommend using a special accessory, a travel case.

Such cases can be made in a variety of ways. For his watches Konstantin Chaykin chose a design that takes into account the delicate nature of the movements produced by the “Konstantin Chaykin” manufacture.

The accessory is made with the best possible materials. The outside is covered in high-quality genuine calf green leather. The rigid sides help the case retain its shape. The inside is lined with soft chamois which protects the case of the watch from any possible damage. The watchstrap is securely fastened around the round pad which helps preserve the acquired shape of the strap. The flap cover is fastened by a button virtually preventing it from opening at random. The flap is embossed with the manufacture logo.

Case dimension: 83 х 92 х 72 mm
Watch pad dimensions: 80 х 57 х 40 mm
Weight: 97 g