Joker Classic

Joker Classic

The Joker Classic:
The Return of a Legend

In April 2024, during the Masters of Horology exhibition in Geneva, Konstantin Chaykin unveiled a new timepiece, the Joker Classic, from the Wristmons collection — a line celebrated for its anthropomorphic dials, playfully referred to as "wrist monsters". This launch has been eagerly awaited by the connoisseurs of both the brand and fine watchmaking for the past seven years.

Back in 2017, at BaselWorld, Konstantin Chaykin introduced the original Joker, the first piece in the Wristmons collection, which quickly rose to fame.

For the first time, the watch industry was introduced to a timepiece featuring an anthropomorphic dial, with the hour and minute indicators forming the eyes and the moonphase indicator forming a smiling mouth.

This novelty immediately captured the attention and admiration of all who saw it and sparked a unanimous desire among collectors to own this piece of horological art. It's no surprise that the first Joker, encased in steel and limited to 99 pieces, quickly became a sensation and sold out before the end of BaselWorld-2017.

Wristmons family

The Joker was the genesis of what has become a large family of Wristmons, now numbering over 30 unique and limited editions.

Although most are now treasured parts of private collections, the original Joker remains a coveted dream for many.

Of course, replicating this series is out of the question: its unparalleled status as the progenitor of all Wristmons remains undisputed.

However, the long-awaited moment for connoisseurs of the brand has arrived. With the Joker Classic, Konstantin Chaykin has once again taken on the ambitious challenge of creating a completely new watch while retaining the iconic design that made the collection a success. The result is nothing short of remarkable:

  1. An all-new movement designed specifically for this model;
  2. The reinterpretation of the Joker's classic design through innovative techniques;
  3. A reduction in the diameter of the steel case to a more wearable 40mm.

Remember the quote from Alice in Wonderland? We must run as fast as we can just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that. This watch reminded me of the timeless wisdom of those words. It's now gone seven years. For the new watch to have the same emotional impact as my first Joker, I had to change it completely. Naturally, we started with the movement, which reached a completely different level. But the dial also needed attention: the Wristmons had become a cultural icon, and the wavy white guilloché had become a hallmark of the collection. Therefore, I adopted new techniques to refresh the dial's appeal, reflecting the novelty felt back in 2017.

Case 40 mm

Made entirely at the "Konstantin Chaykin" Manufacture, the new 40mm steel case marks a shift from the previous 42mm size. The watch industry's early 2000s trend of increasing watch diameters has shifted towards smaller sizes. The Joker Classic features a slimmer bezel, adorned with card suits and the letter J, a nod to the original Joker.


The Wristmon's movement has evolved too. The Joker Classic features a transparent caseback that allows a glimpse into its mechanics, powered by the new self-winding calibre K.18-18. While the proprietary Joker-indication module mirrors the original design, it has been adapted to the new case size and mounted on a newly developed base movement from the Swiss Manufacture La Joux-Perret.

A variant of the automatic calibre G200 was adapted to the specifications of the "Konstantin Chaykin" Manufacture. The movement's intricate finishes, such as the сôtes de Genève and hand-polished chamfers, are visible through the transparent caseback. The long power reserve of 68 hours was one of the features that attracted Konstantin Chaykin to this movement.

He was also impressed by its robust balance assembly, which comprises a balance bridge anchored at two ends instead of one, a free-sprung balance with regulating eccentrics. These features perfectly align with the industry's contemporary technological standards. In addition, this movement is equipped with an automatic winding rotor crafted by the "Konstantin Chaykin" Manufacture.


And most importantly, the "face" of the anthropomorphic watch. A new dial has been designed for the Joker Classic. The visage of the Wristmon remains instantly recognizable, but the proportions of the "face" have changed significantly. In crafting the new watch, Konstantin Chaykin retained the dimensions of the hour and minute indicators, making the character's eyes nearly identical in size to those of the first watch. However, set against a smaller dial, they appear larger and more vivid. The Joker Classic thus emerges as even more striking to the eye.


The Joker Classic comes in two versions: the original color scheme of the debut Joker, with a white dial and green highlights, or a version in light gray accented with burgundy and red.

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Joker Classic
Joker Classic
Joker Classic
Joker Classic
Joker Classic
Joker Classic
Joker Classic